Airports Taxi Transfer

We offer private arrival transfer and from the departure shuttle to all destinations. Example from Cambodia airports to hotels in cities, such as Landing in Siem Reap airport, Phnom Penh Airport, Sihanouk Ville Airport. Book your arrival taxi and departure advance for your safe, secure ground transfer with safe drivers online and pay on arrival in cash. Do you need transfer between airports to hotels or from the hotels to airports.? I AM Cambodia Taxi is providing the private shuttle. We can arrange all kind vehicles from sedan, SUV Lexus, Highlander, Mini Van all types passengers needs.


Siem Reap Airport arrival Taxi

Siem Reap airport arrival taxi. Private arrival transfer from Siem Reaps airport to town or departure shuttle from hotels Siem Reap international airport. We're providing the safety mode ground taxi between Siem Reap airport and hotels of provincial in Siem Reap. Please book your arrival taxi and departure driver for...
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Phnom Penh Airport Arrival Taxi

Private Phnom Penh airport arrival taxi. We offer the shuttle transfer to Phnom Penh hotels and airport. there is plenty of choices and transports at your landing in Phnom Pen, But you can't find better. We are friendly and helpful the reliable drivers. We are the family taxi service here. Please make a booking to be...
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Taxi arrival Sihanouk Ville Airport transfer

Private arrival taxi airport Sihanouk Ville airport to city hotels, Where your relaxing and beautiful beach places along Sihanouk Ville Beaches, such as  Ocher Toul, Otres, Islands. Book your arrival and departure advance and pay in cash on arrival, After confirmation, Exchange emails of destinations meeting up,...
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